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Most forms of printing require a high quality, vectored image. A vectored image is simply one that is created using a special software that prepares the image to be print ready in a very high-quality format.

This means that no matter how far you zoom into or away from the image, the lines and curves remain smooth looking.

If you have a file that is very low quality but must be used, our graphic designer can entirely re-draw the image to be able to use for printing.

Low quality images rarely work for any printing process – if you want good, clean results that is! If the image is not vectored, it needs to be created at 300 DPI to achieve good results. If your file is not 300 DPI, you cannot just increase the resolution of the file as that will still result in a blurry image; this is called “upsampling”. The images needs to be created at 300 DPI at the finished print size.

For printing, some acceptable file formats are :

  • PDF– Make sure you embed all fonts and choose hi-res settings for all images, as well as include bleed if applicable.
  • Illustrator (AI or EPS)– Make sure to supply fonts or outline fonts and embed or supply all raster images.
  • Photoshop (PSD, TIF or JPG)– Please do not lower the quality of JPG files when saving out; use Maximum Quality (12) setting. Include all layers, paths, channels, linked images and fonts.


Make sure to include all fonts used in your artwork or we will not be able to see or use them. Most desktop publishing programs have the option to include/embed fonts when a PDF of your file is created. This is our preferred file format.

In some graphics programs, such as Illustrator or Corel Draw, text can be converted to outlines or curves. Doing so ensures that your text remains intact even if we don’t have your font on file. You simply need to choose “Create Outlines” or "Convert To Outlines/Curves" in the program you are using before exporting.

Color Matching

If color matching is critical please bring us an accurate sample for reference or provide us with Pantone numbers. What you see on the screen might not always match the final printed product.

We can only color match vector based files, not Photoshop or flattened images. We are happy to show you a sample of how your printed product will look before the entire run is completed.

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