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Need graphics custom designed to suit your needs?

Let us design them for you!



 "Helpful Hints to Successfully Sending Your Project Graphics"

*Graphics can be sent to All Star via email or on a disk.

. Include a hard copy of your art disc or with e-mail
  send a .pdf or .jpg file of artwork.
. Convert all fonts to curves or include .ttf fonts
   (true type fonts) only.
. We are PC platform so PC compatible programs only.
   (in most cases we can access MAC generated art if
   properly exported, saved or converted to PC and in
   correct format.)
. We need vectorized art for most production
   processes. If unclear what vectorized art is please feel
   free to call the graphics department
. We use Corel 17.0, Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS.




Most Suitable for our needs     UsableFiles
.CDR (Corel Draw 17.0 or below) .BMP (Windows Bitmap)
.EPS (Most commonly used) .TIF (Tiff Bitmap)
.AI (Adobe Illustrator) .PCX (Photo Paint)
.PDF (Works with Corel and Illus.) .TXT (Text Only)
.PSD (Photoshop) *non-vectorized files require art time


Note! If you are unable to create a file in one of the above formats, please call the graphics dept at our World Headquarters location 816-531-3635.
. Indicate Program Name and Version, and the File name including the 3-letter
   format extension.
. Please include your company name, attention to your sales person and order
  number if available.
. For your own protection, please keep a back-up of your disk.


Note: There is a minimum $15.00 process-ready fee for all customer supplied art.  If supplied art cannot meet our requirements, standard graphics fees will apply starting at $45.00 per hour.



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